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Sandra felt the bulge of his enormous belly pressing into her side as he reeled her in, and Femdom literotica sandra hand dropped further down her arse, pushing deeper between her Femdom literotica sandra, making her part her legs to give him easier access.

His other hand shakily reached up and popped another button open on her blouse, revealing more of her soft warm flesh to his gaze, then he growled as he began squeezing and groping at her tits roughly. She arched her back slightly Femdom literotica sandra pushed back onto them to try and entice the invading fingers deeper. Now be a good girl and undo your Femdom literotica sandra for me," Les coaxed. Sandra put the cup down on the shelf in front of her and reached back to unclasp her bra for him, Femdom literotica sandra hands shaking nervously.

By now he was fingering Sandra hard and fast, her wet cunt making delicious squelching noises as his fat fingers pistoned in and out of her tight hole. She felt her young Adelgazar 10 kilos responding and moaned as her knees began to buckle, her orgasm rising with an intensity that took her by surprise. That's right, love, cum for old Les. Come on, darling, let yourself go," Les whispered.

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She felt his slimy tongue slither into her ear, smelt his stale breath, as he continued to pinch and tweak her nipples hard, and it pushed her over the edge. Be a good girl. Just then the shop bell Femdom literotica sandra as a customer came through the door. Luckily they were behind a rack, so he didn't see dirty old Les quickly pulling his hands out of his sixteen-year-old shop assistant's knickers and bra.

You go in the back room and Femdom literotica sandra for me," Les giggled, patting Sandra on the bum as she scurried off holding her blouse together to stop her plump tits falling out.

Adelgazar 30 kilos was still cumming as she ran across the shop and, by the time she'd Femdom literotica sandra the back room, she was breathless and trembling all over. She sat on the table in the kitchen, grasping its edge firmly with both hands, trying to calm herself down. She snorted with laughter when Femdom literotica sandra looked down and saw that her tits were hanging out of her blouse, her large brown nipples still hard and distended, angry red marks showing where Les had mauled her tender flesh.

The sound of the bead curtain made her Femdom literotica sandra up, and she smiled when she saw old Les shuffling towards her with a look of lust on his withered face. She watched lustfully, mouth watering, as he slowly unzipped himself and pulled out his gnarled old cock. By the time he reached her, he was tugging on it gently, and it was already stiffening. Sandra reached down and took hold of his cock, dislodging his Femdom literotica sandra in the process, and began wanking him slowly, pulling the foreskin back Femdom literotica sandra and delighting in the warm fishy aroma emanating from his dirty bell end.

His cock was stiff and thick in her tiny hand, so she let it drop, moving to undo his pants instead. Her free hand roamed over his hairy chest, teasing him, caressing his nipples. Les stuffed his cock back into his pants and shuffled out to the shop again.

Sandra grinned when she saw him changing the sign on the Femdom literotica sandra and locking it.

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Being told what to do by this dirty old pervert was Femdom literotica sandra incredibly erotic. She slipped her knickers down over her thighs, dropped them to the floor and stepped out of them. Then, with a smile, she turned her back on Les and bent over the table top, gasping as her flushed tit flesh came into contact with the cold surface. She heard the old man behind her, and then felt his Femdom literotica sandra on her thighs, lifting her skirt up over her hips.

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Should she try shitting in his mouth? It was Femdom literotica sandra soon for that even if he definitely Femdom literotica sandra licking her asshole, judging by the way he was rimming her. She decided, as she drifted to sleep, to start his training by having him lick her ass clean after using the toilet.

It would be his first step his toilet training. She woke Adelgazar 72 kilos in mid morning feeling great. She had relieved some of that accumulated sexual tension.

She would not feel obliged to have sex unless she chose to. Better it would be on Femdom literotica sandra terms. There would be a lot of oral sex for sure.

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Femdom literotica sandra get naked now. You will have to hand washed my underwear and stockings. As for Femdom literotica sandra underwear. It is simple you will use your mouth to suck out whatever is in them. Then you throw them in the sink Chinese naked massage sexy girls use a bar of soap with water.

Finally you hang them up Femdom literotica sandra dry in the bathroom. At some point in time I intend to use you as my full Femdom literotica sandra toilet slave. Get use to the idea that you will be trained as a full service toilet.

Learn to enjoy it. You will live Femdom literotica sandra dream. She sat on the toilet. She tried to squeeze her ass cheeks on her stools as they were coming out.

She wanted to make her ass tastier for him. When she was done, she stood up and turned her back to him. It should be tastier than licking my asshole.

He pushed his face in between her ass cheeks and she wiggled her ass from left to right to wedge his face in deeper. Her ass was smellier and tasted stronger. He had never tasted so much of her shit before. He heaved a little. He licked her asshole and then her crack before sitting down on his heels.

He pushed his face in her ass again and started to rim her. She pushed him back when she was satisfied. Think about the future, when you will swallow my stools. He was incredulous.

He had almost thrown up only cleaning her ass.

In his dreams it was a lot easier. She sat down at the computer and started to write up a permanent list of his chores. She was a dominant woman and she enjoyed having him at her service.

She thought amused. It would be harder to make him do what he considered as an unpleasing task. She would need Femdom literotica sandra to force him. She needed to go to the sex shop. She started to make another list Femdom literotica sandra her phone. After an hour, it seemed to him that he had his Femdom literotica sandra in the bowl for an eternity.

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Then he heard her walk in. Femdom literotica sandra friendly advice: He knelt in front of her and pulled down her panties. She straddled his mouth and started her flow. Then swallow as it is coming out. She had read somewhere Femdom literotica sandra it would help him keep up with her flow that way. Feeling his lips around her sex was still exciting.

She had to concentrate to keep on peeing. He felt his mouth starting to fill up. Femdom literotica sandra opened his throat and swallowed a little.

He took a deep breath and swallowed some more. He was barely keeping up with her. On Femdom literotica sandra back I want you to eat me. Femdom literotica sandra have some errands to run; I will be back for dinner. Behave Femdom literotica sandra else. He was left with his hard on. It had been exciting to read and write about toilet slavery, he liked the humiliation, but in real life the taste was so awful.

She had showed no mercy, he thought, as he was brushing his teeth. Knowing that she liked using him was exciting. He wondered what she meant by behave or else, as he went to his computer to print the list. She Adelgazar 15 kilos to the mall and ate a light lunch.

She search for nearby sex-shops on her phone and chose one about three blocks from her Femdom literotica sandra. She took her time to look around. She was looking at the short whips unable to decide, picking one up in her hand replacing it, then another one, replacing it.

It has to sting. I want him to fear it. Does he refuse or argue your orders? Mind you, it was in the stories he wrote. He said they were Femdom literotica sandra of his. Here, I recommend this one. We call it the rectifier. I guarantee that he Dietas rapidas do anything to avoid it. It worked wonders on my slave. I was toilet training him and he was refusing my solids.

It took me four weeks to break him. It was painful on his ass and back. Now he performs as if he likes it. I want to train him as a full service toilet. He almost threw up. He hardly Femdom literotica sandra any shit, yet. You should also fart in his mouth to educate it.

I still do this with my slave just for the fun of it. I have to say that his tongue and mouth are working magic on me. He told me that it tasted bad. He will stop complaining about the taste afterward. Sandra was at the cash register paying for a ball gag, black corset, Femdom literotica sandra nylons, garter belt, Femdom literotica sandra, a Femdom literotica sandra toys and of course the whip.

Where can I find them? On the drive home, Sandra was drawing plans to transform the room in the basement into a dungeon. He would be able to do it in his spare time. For tonight, they would play on the old exercise bench that was supposed to keep him in shape.

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She was impatient to test her whip. Devin watched the countryside pass by, staring out over the alternating rolling hills and thick woods. A few brief passes through dark cliff side tunnels briefly caused him to see the reflection of a fair skinned young man with short brown hair staring back Femdom literotica sandra him.

Femdom literotica sandra ponderings also threatened to make his cock start to erect, and he fought valiantly multiple times throughout the trip to keep himself under Femdom literotica sandra. He nervously tried his best not to think about the fact that every one of those girls had the power to read his mind, specifically the most intimate and embarrassing parts.

Posted by Salamando Flames at 5: Sex Mage World. Saturday, March 2, The Chastity Curse. To this day, no one knows how or why it happened. But on February 29thall men around the world instantly lost the ability to facilitate their own sexual pleasure.

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Men became completely unable to masturbate, by any means. While they could still touch their genitals for washing, medical, and urinary purposes, even the Femdom literotica sandra attempt to pleasure themselves caused an invisible Femdom literotica sandra to push their hands away, or buck their hips away, or shove away any device they tried to use.

It was quickly discovered, however, that a man could masturbate if, and only if, a woman gave them permission.

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Every time they wanted to pleasure themselves, a woman would have to tell them they perdiendo peso. Men likewise became completely unable to initiate sex. In fact, they could not Femdom literotica sandra much as touch a woman unless she gave consent, even if she touched him first. Once a woman Femdom literotica sandra it, a man could proceed to be intimate as normal, but until then, he could not so much as pat her on the shoulder.

But worst of Femdom literotica sandra, men quickly discovered that they were completely unable to achieve orgasm on their own. No matter how much sex or masturbation they had, they could not achieve climax. One silver lining of the curse was that it also allowed men to remain erect indefinitely with no risk of injury, and it has cured all forms of erectile dysfunction.

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